Monday, 6 July 2009

Lowering the tone in Kensington-on-Sea

As our sailing holiday in the Ionian comes to an end, Mr Grigg says: 'Oh I wish we could stay here for a bit longer.'

Later, when we check our flight tickets, we see that we are. Another day. The old man got the date wrong.

So we head up to beautiful Kaloura on Corfu, where we are only one of two boats in the bay. We anchor and take a long line ashore. Unfortunately, two young men and women are paddling in the rocks a few yards away, drinking beer and smoking . They have gold chains around their necks and lots of tattoos. They have to be Brits. The phrase 'why aye man' confirms it.

So as I sit in the cockpit, looking at this sight, I say to myself: "Kensington-on-Sea just isn't what it used to be.'

At that point, a giant inflatable banana roars up through the North Corfu channel and the Geordies start singing 'Oops, upside your head'.

Suddenly, my disco diva 70s teenager side comes to the fore. My snobbery drops off like a pashmina around my shoulders. I tell Mr Grigg I have the track on my iPod.

'Well, put it on then', he says.

'Do you really think so? I wouldn't want to spoil the peace and quiet of this place. And besides, they might come aboard and thump us.'

'Just do it,' he says, 'but don't put it on too loud.'

So I attach my iPod to the stereo through the cigarette lighter and The Gap Band start their funky guitar and the Geordies can't believe their ears. They dance in the water, row backwards and forwards in the water, thumbs up and big smiles. And no thumps.

When YMCA comes on, an old boy towelling himself off on the beach gesticulates. Is he angry? No, he's joining in. After a few more tracks, it comes to going home time. The Geordies wave from their quad bikes and say: 'Top music, you made our day.'

With hooting of horns, they wind off up the hill and I put on something more appropriate, the instrumental La Femme d'Argent by Air, as we quietly watch the sun go down.

There is a time and a place for everything.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


Pondside said...

You make me smile with this, Maddie. A time and a place for everything, indeed. I like the generosity that prompted you to drop what you call snobishness - giving yourself to the moment and getting those smiles and thumbs-up in exchange.
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

This is a funny story! Whenever you run into a crowd of geordies, you know you've just run into a party. All my life growing up, if we kids ever lost sight of our Dad we knew we would hear his Geordie accent before we'd ever see him. And God help us if we ran into Geordies while abroad - you couldn't drag him away. Or shut him up.

Maddie Grigg said...

Glad to be home Pondside, honest. Had a lovely trip and it's moments like these that make it. Little cameos that sum up life in general.
D P&M - I love that image of you finding your father by his voice if you were ever lost. It's a great accent and I had not realised they were such party animals.

seashell cosmos said...

Love it, even though living across the pond here in the US I don't 'get' the Geordie bit--Don't need to really do I? Gosh, this is great. I'll miss reading but oh how I'm so happy to have caught a few of these posts. Thank you!!!

Jude said...

Recognised some places you've been.
Hope you had a good time, whetted your apetite for more?

mountainear said...

Just found this blog - and am green with envy at your visit to Paxos. We will be back there in early September (to Loggos)and I can hardly wait. no sailing, just chillin'.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Gail said...

Don't tell T Mobile about this one - I can see them turning into one of their video ads!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Wonderful! Subtle us Brits aren't we? But yes there is a time and place Maddie, you are quite right and at least you didn't lower the tone as far as the Birdie song - did you?!!

Maddie Grigg said...

Seashell Cosmos and Mountaineer - I'd love you to join me in sunny Dorset life on my other blog,
Ooh, Gail, I can tell you're in marketing...
Jude, God, was my appetite whetted. Just waiting for the right moment to do it some more. Crete next!
RTBC 123, (so glad you're back), no didn't do the Birdie Song as I don't have it on my iPod but would you believe Mr Grigg asked if I had it?