Wednesday, 30 June 2010

He saw the whole of the moon

High in the Epirus mountains, Mr Grigg is regaining his joie de vivre after England were well and truly routed by Germany in the World Cup.
Spoons at Gatwick
Our holiday starts at the airport and the timing of our flight means that soccer-mad Mr Grigg watches the match in Gatwick's Wetherspoons. This gives me plenty of time to shop for books and shoes - two things I like very much. When I go back to the bar, the less than beautiful game is still going on and I am able to announce I have bought four books and three pairs of shoes with Mr Grigg's credit card without him taking any notice at all.
Standing room only
With a heavy heart after a 4-1 defeat, he boards the Easy Jet flight before anyone else, not caring how many old ladies or disabled people he knocks over in his haste to get plenty of legroom.

Two days in to our trip and things have improved. We are exploring the mainland, based for the first couple of nights in the old walled Kastro near the lake in Ioannina. This university town nestles on the shores of a beautiful but polluted lake.

Up in the mountains near the Vikos Gorge and the villages of the Zagorohoria, the hillsides are strewn with salvia, clary of pink, purple and blue, acanthus, moon daisies, mallow and wild clematis. These are some of the sights we see:
I gvneka tis Pindou - the tribute to the Pindos women who helped the soldiers
A lonely goatherd
A couple of old goats
A bridge too far
In the Pindos mountains, we make our way through the grassy cobbles of Monodendri, get lost and then double back. Mr Grigg marches on ahead, only to be confronted by an elderly woman who has been caught short and is crouching on the ground, just about to pull up her knickers.
This is the spot where it happened
It is a sight I miss and, I think, something Mr Grigg has probably imagined. All I see are her feet scuttling around the corner, clattering like an old goat.

However, he is insistent.

'As the song goes: you saw the crescent, I saw the whole of the moon,' he sighs.

Serves him right for pushing his way on to the plane and knocking out everything in his path.

That's it - for now. Next stop Metsovo and the devine Meteora.

Love Maddie x


Gail said...

You had a good result at Gatwick even if Mr Grigg didn't!

We were at Gatwick today having returned from our Greek odyssey. Back to work tomorrow :-(((

Have a great time!!

Pondside said...

It's all educational - just tell him to chalk it up to learning about differing cultures.....and I'm sure no one would have blinked had it been an old fellow watering the wall!

Corfu Bluesman said...

I hope you managed to explore Vitsa as well as Monodendri? Did you get down to the bottom of the Vikos Gorge?

Kalo taxidi!