Wednesday, 14 July 2010

To get ahead, get a hat

After high winds in Ithaca, where we are marooned in Vathi harbour for two days, on the third day all is calm.

With us are our crew, Mr and Mrs Champagne-Charlie, our neighbours from The Enchanted Village. Earlier in the week he stepped out from the Easy Jet plane at Corfu airport in blazer and panama hat and carrying two bottles of champagne.

'Is he royalty?' we heard a woman with a faded tattoo ask her husband in cropped trousers and fake Crocs.

Now, five days into the voyage, we still keep hearing cheerful mutters of 'bugger', 'bollocks' and worse as Champagne-Charlie hits his head on bits that protrude in the cockpit. The panama is not much use on board a boat.

Today we are off to explore the island on scooters. The boys arrive at the quayside on their newly-collected bikes and are wearing rather fetching crash helmets.

'These must be our dates for the day,' Mrs Champagne-Charlie says, confiding in me her terror at the prospect of riding pillion around hairpin bends.

'He hasn't ridden a scooter for at least forty years,' she says through gritted teeth.

Champagne-Charlie comes aboard with black crash helmet, like the policeman in Terminator II, and turns to Mr Grigg and says: 'I could wear this all day, chap.'

And so he should. Much more protection than a panama.


Onwards and upwards to the lovely village of Stavros, overlooking the bay at Polis, before heading across to Keffalonia where it's back to the airport for me. Until the next time.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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